2024 SWSCC Educational Meeting - May

SWSCC Austin May 16th 2024
Speaker: Dennis Zlotnik
Bio: Dennis Zlotnik has an academic background in biochemistry couple with 15+ years in the life sciences markets. Dennis began his career at Hallstar selling and marketing a variety of specialty industrial and cosmetic ingredients. He then spent 3 years in Shanghai, where he played a pivotal role in establishing a commercial office and lab, overseeing cosmetic ingredient strategy. After returning to the USA in 2015 he ran commercial strategy for Hallstar’s Beauty & Personal Care ingredients portfolio. In 2018 he joined a life sciences focused private equity firm acquiring firms in the home care and industrial chemicals space. Now, as the General Manager at Biorenuva, he’s focused on helping to usher in the next generation of surfactants utilizing cutting edge biotechnology concepts to create high performing and sustainable biosurfactants like sophorolipids and rhamnolipids.

Title: Future Formulas: The Role of Biotechnology in Cosmetic Development

Abstract: As cosmetic formulators, our mission to innovate and enhance product offerings continuously evolves with advancements in science and technology. This presentation delves into the integration of biotechnology within our industry, spotlighting transformative approaches to ingredient development that meet efficacy, sustainability, and consumer demand.

We'll start by unpacking the biotechnological advancements that are reshaping our ingredient toolbox—focusing on microbial fermentation, genetic engineering, and adaptive evolution. These technologies not only improve the bioavailability and functionality of various ingredients but also align with our goals for sustainable and ethical sourcing by minimizing environmental footprints.

The core of the presentation will feature in-depth analyses of novel biotech-derived ingredients such as biosurfactants, large scale and designer oils, next-generation peptides, and biocompatible moisturizers, discussing their formulation benefits and enhanced performance metrics. The session will also discuss how these biotech ingredients integrate into existing product lines and the adjustments necessary in the lab to accommodate these innovations.

Concluding, we will look forward to the horizon of cosmetic science—anticipating trends including the use of genetic engineering to produce custom molecules and the development of biogenic fragrances and colorants.

This presentation aims to inspire and equip formulators with the knowledge to leverage biotechnological advancements for cutting-edge product development.

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Event Date May 16, 2024
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