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2018 SWSCC Dinner / Dance Photos

Another SWSCC Dinner / Dance is behind us but we have great memories to last a lifetime.  Below is the link to the photos that were taken.  Brief instructions are:

As follows are some steps for downloading the pictures without the security logo “Bill Birt Photography,”

Once on the section browse to find the picture(s) of interest

Look for the download icon on the right lower side of the web page to click

Open or Save the picture and it will show on the screen without any security logo

August 2017 Educational Seminar Presentations

Hope everyone enjoyed the August 2017 SWSCC Educational Seminar!  Please find below the presentations we can share on the web:

Mark Miller - Fitz Chem - click here!

Jim Muhitch - Galderma - not available

Jaclyn Peresetsky - Skin Perfect Clinic - not available

Nadim Shaath - Alpha Research - not available

An Li - Shin-Etsu - click here!

Arnie Esperance - Gattefosse USA - click here!

Melanie Cummings - Repertoire - click here!

Mark Chandler - ACT - click here!

Zach Townsend - Pure Chocolate - click here!