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Submissions for the Journal of Cosmetic Science

Journal of Cosmetic Science


The JOURNAL OF COSMETIC SCIENCE publishes papers concerned with cosmetics or the sciences underlying cosmetics, as well as other papers of interest to SCC members. In particular, the journal welcomes papers concerned with cosmetics, cosmetic products, fragrances, their formulation and their effects in skin care or in overall consumer well-being, as well as papers relating to the sciences underlying cosmetics, such as human skin physiology, color physics, physical chemistry of colloids and emulsions, or psychological effects of olfaction in humans. Papers of interest to the cosmetic industry and to the understanding of the cosmetic markets are also welcome for publication. The Editorial Advisory Board is responsible for establishing policy and maintaining the Journal’s high standards. The Editor relies on the advice of reviewers who are experts in the field in deciding whether a submission has sufficient scientific merit to warrant publication.

All papers presented before a meeting or seminar of the SOCIETY OF COSMETIC CHEMISTS, or those papers submitted directly to the Editor will be considered for publication in the Journal. Papers presented before the SOCIETY OF COSMETIC CHEMISTS are the property of the SOCIETY and may not be published in or submitted to other journals. Only if the JOURNAL OF COSMETIC SCIENCE is unable to publish a presented paper, may it be published in another journal of the author's choice.

Results concerning animal (not human) physiology are outside of the scope of the Journal, therefore manuscripts reporting results related to it will not be taken into consideration for publication in the Journal of Cosmetic Science.

Subject Matter


The JOURNAL will consider manuscripts for publication in the following categories, provided they are prepared in proper scientific style and adequately referenced:

Original Articles: Descriptions of original research work in cosmetics or related areas.

General Articles: Articles of a general character may be considered for publication providing they are of a scientific and technical nature. These articles may be concerned with newer analytical techniques, developments in dermatology, toxicology, etc.

Review Articles: Intended to present an overview of recent advances in a specific area related to cosmetics. The author of such a review is expected to be actively engaged in the area and capable of presenting a critical evaluation of published reports of a scientific and technical nature. Solicited by special invitation from the Editor and Editorial Committee; not subject to review by the Editorial Committee.

Technical Notes: Relatively short manuscript containing new information obtained by laboratory investigations; these do not contain the depth or extent of research involved in an Original Article.

Letters to the Editor: Comments on JOURNAL articles are invited, as well as brief contributions on any aspect of cosmetic or related science that does not warrant publication of a full-length paper in one of our other categories. May include figures and/or references, but brevity is necessary.