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2021 Educational Month - "Finding White Space"

Discussion Topic Synopsis:

Finding White Space

When you’re asked. . . . “what’s trending?” or the MVP challenges you to cut SKU’s due a shrinking planogram, or perhaps you’re growing so fast you’ve been tasked with making something “innovative”, “award-winning” or “Instagram-loving” – the project is inevitably daunting if you don’t have the right tools in place to make well-informed, confident proposals.

Kelly Wensman

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2021 Educational Month - "The Changing Landscape of Oral Care"

Discussion Topic Synopsis:

When you think of beauty and wellness what comes to mind? Skin care, cosmetics, supplements? Today, more consumers are now adding oral care to the list. Wellness and beauty continue to converge and as consumers start looking at personal care more holistically oral care is moving beyond functional benefits to be part of their wellness and beauty routines - as a beauty product, oral hygiene is no longer only a commodity. Join us as we take a closer look at the changing consumer values that have created this new market opportunity. We will explore how oral care has evolved with new forms, hero ingredients, claims language, and even new sales outlets. We will highlight products that standout and share our insights to help your brand navigate this emerging space.

Jason Nesta

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