June 2021 - SWSCC Virtual Monthly Meeting

June 10th 2021 - SWSCC Virtual Monthly Meeting

Speaker: Pascal Yvon, PharmD, MBA - Head of Botanicals, Personal Care
Croda Inc.

 Pascal Yvon

Time: 12 noon CST

Duration: 1 Hour

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Pascal Yvon, PharmD, MBA, has over 25 years of global experience in the life sciences industries. He has worked for global corporations as well as start-ups in sales, marketing, and general management positions. He has authored many cosmetic trade journal articles and regularly speaks at leading industry events and conferences.
Dr. Yvon holds a doctorate in pharmacy from the Pharmacy University, Paris, and an Executive MBA from Rutgers university, NJ. He is a member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, NY Chapter.



Healthy scalp for healthy hair

After a rapid review of the scalp biology and potential scalp skin conditions, the presentation will address formulation strategies to maintain a healthy scalp.
For many people, the scalp is hidden under the hair where no one can see it, and so it does not cause much daily concern. Rarely are consumers complimented for a beautiful scalp. However, attention should be paid to it. The scalp is the soft tissue envelope of the cranium. It is the anatomical area bordered by the face at the front and by the neck at the sides and back. There are five layers to the scalp; the first and outermost one being the skin. This unique part of the body is both an extension of the face and a concentrated area for hair growth. In fact, the proximate structural arrangement of the scalp and hair leads to an interdependent relationship between the two. Thus, maintaining a healthy scalp is important for healthy hair, as well as a healthy hair-free head.

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Event Date June 10, 2021
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