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Sr. Technical Manager

Sr. Technical Manager

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  • Posted: 09 June 2021
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Primary Responsibilities

    Naturich Labs Inc. is a full-service custom formulation and private label manufacturing company dedicated to developing high-performance personal care products that are formulated with the latest botanically-active ingredients and cutting-edge technology. With a state-of-the-art in-house laboratory, on-site testing capabilities and quality manufacturing facilities, our passion and experience with natural and organic product innovations have set us apart in the industry.
    This technical position can be seen as a liaison between Executive, R&D, Quality, Regulatory, Project Management, Production, Compounding and Purchasing departments. Effective communication skills are among the most important deliverables necessary to successfully manage this desk.

    Must have intimate working knowledge of standard and advanced cosmetic raw materials used in skin care, hair care, body care as well as anhydrous systems. The position requires keeping updated on new raw materials and formula concepts and to present them to management, current and to potential customers. As we are asked to duplicate aspects or reverse engineer in-the-market products, a knowledge of how formulas are put together is needed.

    A familiarity with cGMP regulations and responsibilities for cosmetics is necessary. This position requires writing, reviewing and troubleshooting SOP’s as needed to meet both cGMP and FDA requirements.

    A knowledge of basic OTC regulations and requirements is necessary, as this position requires the coordination of both in-house and outside laboratories and the monitoring of stability and activity reports of topical OTC’s as well as hand sanitizers. The production of annual reports of all OTC products produced for FDA inspections is part of this responsibility. This position also coordinates and monitors outside testing of PET, HRIPT and other safety and marketing test.

    This position is often asked to trouble-shoot formulas and offer suggested solutions to issues of performance, stability and/or production. To achieve this, close interaction is necessary with production, engineering and compounding to resolve issues.

    This position requires a close working relationship with purchasing in finding and validating alternative raw materials to resolve issues of pricing, supply or vendor concerns. This position also coordinates the testing of these new raw materials with lab management and NLI regulatory groups.

    This position does require close interaction with project management to facilitate the moving of projects to completion as well as answer and troubleshoot any customer concerns.
    This position requires close interaction with potential new clients and is part of the on-boarding of new clients and of new projects. It does require weekly calls with specific clients with whom we are developing or troubleshooting products.

    Computer skills are needed including Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as being comfortable learning our in-house programs. These responsibilities include adapting developed formulas into our production, purchasing and pricing modules.
    This position has the main responsibility of collecting and entering new raw materials into our database and updating our systems with pricing, technical and regulatory information. As part of the technical group, you would be generating marketing highlights for concepts sent to customers as well as IDECS.

    If you are interested in applying to this position, please send your resume to Lynn Brink at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.