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  • Research Scientist/Sr. Research Scientist Location: King of Prussia, PA

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Research Scientist/Sr. Research Scientist Location: King of Prussia, PA

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  • Posted: 22 June 2022
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    Research Scientist/Sr. Research Scientist Location: King of Prussia, PA
    Our client is looking for a research scientist. In this role, you will be responsible for a variety of method development, sensory analysis, product application testing, sample preparation, basic experimentation, as well as collaborating and supporting the formulations team. You will join an innovative and entrepreneurial team that will develop and deliver formulated products, and develop and execute safety, stability, sensorial and clinical performance testing to support the growing commercialization of the Company’s platform plant innovation technology in personal care and cosmetics.
    Key Responsibilities:
    • Above all, comply with all safety policies, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), and internal protocols
    • Perform method development tasks such as:
    o Independently conduct performance testing of various personal care and
    cosmetic products
    o Perform short and long-term experiments for multiple custom projects, including
    new method development to support shelf-life assessment and sensory claim
    o Record, organize, and communicate results
    o Draw conclusions and make recommendations o Provide technical training to others
    o Write reports and summaries
    • Perform formulation tasks such as:
    o Perform, monitor, and document pre-stability, stability, and sensory testing on
    prototypes prepared by the Formulations team
    o Occasionally make lab batches to support the Formulations team
    o Potential to propose new formulations and/or engage in formulation projects
    from start to finish
    • Properly operate, calibrate, and maintain lab equipment and apparatus
    • Maintain the laboratory presentable and organized
    • Keep up to date with relevant scientific and technical developments and trends
    • Report to Director of Innovation
    Key Competencies and Requirements:
    • Bachelor’s (required) or higher (a plus), preferably in chemistry, biochemistry, material
    science, pharmacology or similar technical field
    • Minimum 3 years of experience in method development and/or product application
    • Minimum 1 year of experience with personal care and cosmetics formulation
    • Experience with sensory analysis is highly desirable

    • Experience with texture analyzer, rheometer, viscometer, corneometer, sebumeter and other skin analysis probes is highly desirable
    • Good technical foundation in one or more of: analytical chemistry, method validation, emulsions, surfactants, gels, suspensions, pressed powders, or accelerated shelf-life studies
    • Familiar with scales, mixers, pH meters, centrifuge, high-shear homogenizers, and other formulation/quality control equipment
    • Familiar with Good Laboratory Practices and scientific principles
    • Competency with Microsoft software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, etc.)
    • Team player who also has demonstrated ability to work with minimal supervision and
    prioritize conflicting demands in a fast-paced environment
    • Sense of urgency and timeliness in completing projects
    • Ability to maintain calm, poise, and professionalism under pressure, and in dealing with
    difficult situations
    • Ability to (and comfortable with) follow instructions, while also being a self-starter
    • Reliable, flexible, and adaptable
    • Attention to accuracy and detail
    • Ability to manage and preserve the confidentiality of all technical information,
    processes, data, and intellectual property
    • Strong interpersonal skills; able to work independently as well as in a team environment
    • Fluent in English
    More About the Company:
    We are leaders in plant ingredient innovation, using water to unlock the technology hidden within plants. We have developed a proprietary platform technology to transform plants into new and unique ingredients with immense functionality in many applications. Our current focus is on our DTC brand skin care products. These sustainable, upcycled products support the health and wellness of our customers while also supporting the wellness of the earth.
    We have a collaborative, team-oriented culture that is passionate about bringing our plant innovation technology to commercial fruition and delivering the upcycled wellness products that today’s consumers are demanding. Our headquarters are located in King of Prussia, PA and we have manufacturing operations in Rome, NY and Kennesaw, GA.
    Expected base salary depends on education and experience levels, plus an annual performance bonus. We provide competitive benefits, including stock options, 401k (with company match), life insurance, disability coverage, and health, dental, vision, FSA and HSA.
    Please contact Yelena Zolotarsky at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./973-432-6846